Annika Brindley

The Art Of Awakened Parenting

Philosophy & Approach

Have you ever come home from work excited to see your children and instead feel disconnected? Perhaps you spent the day with your child and feel drained and overwhelmed. You have guilt, stress, fear, sadness, anger, and resentment even though you have the best of intentions for a positive relationship with your child. Sometimes a parenting choice may not have been your best; you feel shame as you wished you had handled the moment in a better way. 

You may get triggered while parenting, lose your temper or lose yourself in a permissive parenting style, and over-give to your child. You may have difficulty setting boundaries and limits. You may have trouble allowing your child to have space to fail and to grow. Perhaps the word "no" evokes pain and panic; it feels like an impossible word to say. Do you make parenting decisions that are easier for you at the moment, but deep down, you know your choice may not have been what was best for your child? Have you lost faith in yourself and in your ability to parent with insight and intuition?

How do these types of dynamics happen if you are a loving and well-intentioned parent?

You bring your past into your present parenting style. How you raised can leave deep impressions. You interpret what you experienced, what was mirrored to you in our childhood, as the truth of who you are. You long for your needs to be met, to be loved and accepted within your family and the world around you. You grew up internally, parenting yourself the way you were parented.

Underneath who you think you are is the truth of who you are. 

For years I have taught children to sleep, and in the journey, I discovered that parents needed to awaken. Awakening the sleeping child within reveals your most authentic self. This hidden child needs acceptance, compassion, and love to become a whole integrated person.

When you decide to take radical responsibility for yourself, you can begin to re-parent yourself and meet your own needs. Through deep self-inquiry, we emerge whole adults. You are then able to raise independent and genuine children. Allowing your children the freedom to grow is the best gift you can give them. Your relationship with your child is a treasure map to knowing and loving yourself unconditionally, seeing your greatness, and awakening to who you are meant to be. 

Imagine waking up every day loving who you are, accepting all your parts, and living an authentic life. Imagine trusting yourself even in the most challenging times. Imagine listening to your intuition. There is so much more that is asking to wake up inside of you. 

Let's make a radical and conscious shift to be a self-loving person and a self-loving parent. Decide to use this moment in time as a parent, as a gift. Become the person that you were born to be and allow your child the space to become who they are meant to be.

Parents who are coached by me:

  • Step into your greatness & feel a sense of deep self-love

  • Learn to re-parent yourself as it is the key to self-love.

  • Learn to parent in the "Pause" where you can respond and not react.

  • Learn to take full responsibility for yourself, become a grown-up parent and meet your own needs

  • Learn to recognize the needs you unknowingly project onto your children

  • Learn to be a consistent person & parent & grow in all your relationships

  • Reduce the parent & child struggle

  • Learn how to live in full integrity - being in alignment with your inner with the outer self

  • Identify and move through fears and false beliefs that limit who you are

  • Recognize unconscious defense mechanisms - controlling behavior, anger, passive-aggressive behavior, care-taking, withholding, manipulating, over-giving, not being able to say "no."

  • Recognize attachment styles and heal fears of rejection, shame and guilt, engulfment & abandonment

  • Understand how to set boundaries with your children without being fearful of losing love

  • Open into your authentic self

  • Learn to choose yourself first & learn how to stop self-abandonment and therefore potentially abandon your child

  • Practice meditation & Mindfulness & allow spiritual growth

  • Live to your fullest potential & live a joyful life

  • Feel a deep sense of Empowerment & Empower your children

I am deeply passionate about empowering my clients to live to their fullest potential and parent to their fullest potential every day.